So here’s a better post about what’s happening up here.

Our not-so-great, not-so-devoted mayor, who is most famous for smoking crack and saying stupid things, and whose name has come up in a murder investigation, is refusing to declare a state of emergency because that would default all power to our deputy mayor, as per a bill passed in our city council about a month ago.

We have two hospitals without power, and one trauma centre. A lot of care and nursing facilities are also without power.

We have no streetcars running and about half of our subway line is out as well.

Most of our streets are covered in a layer of ice - there are photos of people skating down streets. On ice skates.

This is being hailed as the worst storm to hit Toronto, and we’re usually pretty honest about that kind of thing because we all usually remember the “worst” anything weather-related that happens here because we’re setting new records all the time.

If you know people in Toronto or the surrounding area, PLEASE call them and give them the tips listed up there ^ (though most of them are common sense). Let them know that there are warming stations throughout the hardest-hit areas. I believe they can call 311 to find out where - the list up above was accurate as of 2:56PM EST on Sunday Dec. 22. The warming stations are able to provide food, heat and power though people should expect the list to change as the situation worsens.

signal boost!! please spread this!!! as someone living in the gta, this is extremely important!!!!!!!!!!

soooo i’ve just been sitting home all day; i had no idea it was this bad out there.

went to work this morning and got to summerhill before my boss called and said we’d lost power so i shouldn’t come in… it was icy for sure, the train bypassed rosedale station because of icy tracks, but. wow.

I’ve never seen the city like this. It’s scary.

We live about two hours east of toronto and we’ve been hit with a layer of ice pretty badly too. The city twitter advised everyone to stay in if they can, as they won’t be plowing secondary streets. There’ve been two accidents on my street alone. Because of the constant freezing rain our power has been out several times and in my building the pipes have frozen.

But toronto is definitely in a state of emergency, a lot worse than it is here. if your power goes out please stay safe friends.

My sister works at a hospital in a cancer centre. Her section is not considered an essential and has no power. They cannot even give palliative doses right now.

Fuck Rob Ford, holy shit. I had no reception/power so I had no idea it was quite this bad. Ughhhhhhh




TellSpec analyzes the findings using the algorithm and sends a report to your phone telling you the allergens, chemicals, nutrients, calories, and ingredients in the food.

TellSpec is a three-part system which includes: (1) a spectrometer scanner (2) an algorithm that exists in the cloud; and (3) an easy-to-understand interface on your smartphone. 



This product has raised over $400,000 on IndieGoGo with a product that is completely technically impossible and will likely remain that way for at least a decade. The things they say the product can do, it cannot do. Portable spectrometers hit the marketing only a few years ago and cost about $250,000 - they are pre-selling these made up things on IGG for $250. 

Even those $250,000 scanners can’t do what they claim this product can do. I’ve never seen a more deceptive crowd funding campaign in my life and it’s kinda pissin’ me off. 

If you see this posted on facebook or elsewhere, please tell your people that it’s a scam and they should get their money back asap.

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I am Currently Engaged. Yes you Read that right.


The love of my life proposed to me during NYCC when we went earlier this month. 

And now that I am engaged. I need moneys. and that means that I am


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Prices start at $40 

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thank you.

I need help from people in Pittsburgh.


Basically…. my life just crumbled before my eyes.

My mom, my only family… whom I’ve supported emotionally for 24 years just told me that she doesn’t believe in me, that I’m a failure to her, that she doesn’t care about what the fuck I do and she wants me out of the house by tonight. I didn’t even do anything to have this just blow up in my face. She’s crazy and just ….fuck. 

Thats only half the story but I can hardly even type the details as I sit here shaking.

I have two indoor cats that I need someone to hold onto until the 16th. I need help… 

I don’t know many people in the area…but if I can get one person to help me out there. At least give somewhere for my cats to stay until my friend can come pick them up on the 16th.

I need someone who I can trust. My cats mean the world to me and I need them to move with me but I can’t get them up to Boston until the 16th.

Message me please.

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I used to have 6 cats.  Now I have 4.

Feeding 6 cats a strict diet was really hard, and most often resulted in chaos and injuries, so I switched to open feeding.  Predictably, they gained weight.  Like, a lot of weight.

So, I decided that I should switch from the cheap walmart stuff ($10 for a 15 lb. bag) to something healthier with less filler.

I went to Petco and chose Nutro brand.  It seemed like a great deal.  $25 for a 15 lb. bag instead of $30-$50.  I didn’t bother reading reviews, because, clearly this stuff had to be better than my cheap bag of Friskies or 9lives or whatever.

I regret that more than anything.

Less than two weeks after opening the first bag, our youngest cat Loki started getting sick.

He was slightly anemic, vomiting, diarrhea.  I pushed water, decided to keep an eye on him.  We’re newly married and don’t have all of the money in the world, so vet trips are reserved for emergencies. 

Over the next few days though, he got worse.  After he peed himself while snuggling with one of our other cats, I scheduled an appointment with the vet.

The vet said that all of his blood tests came back fine, except for the one with his kidney levels.  He was in kidney failure.  We had no idea what could have caused it.  The emergency vet a week later suggested FIP.

He stayed at the vet on an IV for 2 days, and they sent him home with an antibiotic and some NutraCal.  I assumed that meant he was okay and was going to recover.  I was wrong.

He continued deteriorating over the next few days, despite my best efforts (I was pushing food and water with a syringe) until the day I came home from work and found him mostly unresponsive.  We rushed him to the emergency vet, told our story, and then came to the tearful decision to have him put to sleep.  He died before they could give him the injection.  It was heartbreaking.

We agreed with the emergency vet, blamed FIP, and tried not to think about it.

During this time, the cats had finished the first bag of Nutro and had a tiny bag of some other stuff to tide them over until I could get to Petco to get another bag.

So that’s:  Bag of Nutro, break, second bag of Nutro.

Within a week of opening the second bag of Nutro, Oreo became sick as well.  He was displaying the same symptoms as Loki, but with the added addition of vomiting.

We couldn’t afford to have him hospitalized after spending $1000 on Loki.  That had tapped out our savings.  All we could do was carefully monitor him, keep him hydrated, and hope he would eat something.

During this time, we began trying to figure out what had caused this.  They weren’t related in the slightest, so the chances of them both having FIP were incredibly slim.  They were indoor cats, and I keep all toxins away from them.  We had no idea what the culprit could be.

Finally, after Oreo had passed, my husband asked about the cat food.  The timing just seemed too weird to be a coincidence.  To placate him, I decided to look into any recalls.

What I found was absolutely horrifying.


This site alone has 1500 reviews, with an average rating of 1.5 stars.  Report after report of dogs and cats of all breeds, falling sick with the same symptoms, most dying, after eating this food.

I called Nutro to submit a complaint and I was met with anger and cold insistence that it could ABSOLUTELY NOT be their food and to not believe everything I read online, because they hadn’t had ANY complaints.  Not once did any person I talk to even say “I’m sorry for your loss.”

I am torn between the feeling of “I murdered my cats” and “This company murdered my cats”.  If I had just read reviews, my babies might still be with me.  On the other hand, this company is putting poison on the shelves and denying that they’re doing so.

Pet stores can’t take the food off of their shelves unless there is a recall.  They also cannot legally warn you against it.  All that can be done at this moment is to get the word out about what’s happening.

If you have been feeding Nutro to your pet, and they got sick in the slightest, please get a sample of the food, submit a complaint to Nutro and to the FDA/CDC.

If you have friends with pets, please tell them not to buy this stuff.

If you read the reviews on the site I linked to, you’ll see how horrifying this really is.


I don’t want anyone else to have to go through this.

My father just smashed my laptop. I need to get out of here.


Backstory: a few weeks ago, I accepted an internship with the DC Center for LGBT Resources. My father found out, threatened to kick me out if I did it, and basically raged on and on for a while. My flight to DC is on May 24th, and I’m pretty sure my father was going to keep me from catching it.

Just now, he came into my room and yelled at my brother for playing Starcraft II on my Dell. (I’m typing this on an old Macbook.) Then he threatened to smash my laptop, to which I replied that it was my property. The Dell was given to me by my university as part of my scholarship, and it is considered their property for a year until I start my second year there.

Upon me informing him of this, he grew enraged, picked up my laptop, and smashed it on the bedpost. The frame is broken, it won’t close properly, etc…

My father has had a history of violence with me, one that I don’t want to go into yet. However, calling the cops isn’t an option, since he’s the sole supporter of my family, and my mother can’t support herself; I also have three siblings.

Anyway, I need to get out of here. I live in Huntsville, Alabama. If anyone has any ideas or can give me a place to stay until the 24th, that would be most helpful. Thank you so much for reading this.

There’s something wrong here.




I just noticed that ALT+Reblog automatically removes the source link from the reblogged post. So not only does it reblog without any tags, but any credited source seems to be removed in the process. 

So, while the auto-reblog feature is kind of nice, it’s terribly executed. I don’t think I’ll be using it. 

Pass this on.

signal boostingg


Why would you use alt+reblog? Seriously, just use Missing E.

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Any body want to help me shut a bigoted asshole up? 

This man’s favorite Words are: Lib-Tard, and Feminazi

His beliefs are among some serious selling points like: Women belong only at home, supporting Anti-White Racism (as in “People are too rough on White People”) 

but please, check it for yourself


I’m noticing an ongoing trend of complete lack of support for trans women everywhere…



Like, even from people that are fucking awesome about everything else.

It never seems to cross peoples minds to be inclusive towards trans women.

It never seems to cross peoples minds to acknowledge trans women.

It never seems to cross peoples minds that without inclusive and acknowledging statements, trans women need to assume that we aren’t wanted.

We NEED to do this because we are tired as fuck of assuming that we are being included.

We are tired of coming into women’s groups and being victimized and abused.

We are tired of going to rape crisis centers and being turned away because our existence is triggering.

We are tired of wanting a safe space and then being told WE are the rapists, the deceivers, the monsters, and the child molesters.

We are tired of being the punchline and the joke. The fetish object and “best of both worlds” so long as we’re gone by morning.

Never mind the fact that many of us are victims of rape.

That many of us have dealt with child abuse.

That many of us have been physically assaulted.

That all of us live and deal with the constant deceptive nature of cis people.

We NEED to assume we aren’t wanted. Because the whole wide world is telling us we’re trash and we can’t be arsed to assume that you actually meant to include us when you said fucking nothing.

We don’t have the fucking luxury to assume that we are being included.

So yeah…

Make it damn clear that you want us around.

Make it clear that you won’t put up with transmisogyny.

Make it clear that you view us as women. That you view us as fucking people.

I’d like to see some fucking solidarity, but I wonder if this will even be reblogged?

And if it is reblogged I wonder how many people that aren’t trans women will do so?

I’m honestly not betting much, so I guess we’ll see.

Simple concept that somehow eludes more people than it should — which is to say anyone:  transgender women are women, transgender men are men. 

There’s several in my life, some of whom are reading these very words.  In case I haven’t made it clear enough in word and deed elsewhere, here it is again:  I’m glad each of you is here.

People with a problem with any of that need to step off now before they make utter fools of themselves in a forum that never forgets.

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I am sorry. my fandom love is on hold for tonight. My friend is dying.



If everyone donates $5 to chibi.coco@gmail.com or $10…. she can have a surgery and live.

The goal is $30,000.

This is an EMERGENCY and she’ll need the money ASAP (like possibly even THIS WEEKEND ASAP)

I apologize for the spam but to me it’s important. 

More information on why she needs the money is here.

If you can’t donate, please help signal boost this guys. Please help her.

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